Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Towing Companies, Wrecker Drivers and Vehicle Storage Facility Employees Rob Vehicle Owners of Cash and Stolen Personal Property

It disturbs me, that several members of the Texas Towing and Storage Advisory Board, who advises the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations, a regulatory agency. This week, I had the opportunity to speak with Nacogdoches Assistant Chief Vince Griffin. The city of Nacogdoches is no different than other communities with universities, vehicles being stolen from parking lots without probable cause. This happens in every city, that wrecker drivers will steal your vehicle without probable cause. Three board members profit from towing vehicles without probable cause, with one member, her husband supervises their employees burglarizing a tractor (truck), to hot wire the ignition, drive it to they storage facility and charge two towing fees. (This happen in Austin, those involved would be in jail)

The Texas Legislature needs to wake up, because TDLR is issuing without hesitation Occupation Licenses to career criminal, murderers, serial rapist on parole, and registered sex offenders. This needs to stop because it's placing the public in grave danger.

The last thing we need is to watch on a TV news story about a 17 female being raped and left for dead on the side of road, by wrecker driver sent to pick them up.

The Milstead Automotive Ltd issue is going strong, a complaint through TCEQ was filed with the EPA for ground water pollution.

I sent a letter today to Mr Susan Combs, State Comptroller regarding the outstanding tax money Milstead Automotive has yet to pay in full after being audited.

Heard this morning, that three senators and 4 house members are going to file several bills regarding the horrifying towing issues across the state. One, I know is being filed is increase the penalty for violating Occupation Code 2308.405 to
Class B Misdemeanor punishable by: (1) a fine not to exceed $2,000; (2) confinement in jail for a term not to exceed 180 days or not less than 90 days; or (3) both such fine and confinement, (4) pay restitution in the total amount paid for retrieving vehicle from the storage facility by the victim.

Talked to two San Antonio area attorneys who were interested in representing the Milstead victims in class action lawsuit against Milstead Automotive Ltd and Flying J for Deceptive Trade Practices.

Another issue that concerns me, is the wrecker drivers who are being licensed by TDLR are not being trained in the very laws they must know. If the towing companies are going to train their drivers about the Towing Law, this would be a critical mistake.

What I do know, is that TLDR's Enforcement Agents are ticketing tow truck, vehicle storage facilities and employees for violating the rules.