Thursday, January 29, 2009

Conspiracy to Commit Fraud - 500+ Victims

A longtime practice used by towing companies that tow vehicles from parking lots without the owner or operator's consent, is place a "spotter" to sit within parking facility to determine which vehicles get towed. These "spotters" are employed by the towing company, not the parking facility.
A "spotter account" is a towing contract between the towing company and the parking facility, to which the contract states the towing company will hold the parking facility harmless from any action because a vehicle was towed.

This is the purest form of violating the Texas Towing Law, Occupation Code 2308.402 and with the criminal aspect, "engaging in organized criminal activity" since more the three people, the spotter, the wrecker driver, the parking facility owner/agent, and the towing company representative who signed the contract.

This ongoing criminal conspiracy involving towing companies and parking facilities against the public is soon to come to an abrupt halt, after the Federal Grand Jury returns the sealed indictments.

On February 10th, at 10;00am in the 7th Floor Public Meeting Room of the E.O. Thompson State Office Building, located at 920 Colorado in Austin, the Towing and Storage Advisory Board will have it's meeting, at which I plan to attend, with several members of law enforcement curious how certain board members will respond to questions concerning conflict of interest.