Thursday, January 15, 2009

Process Started To Remove Amy Milstead-Ellzey From TDLR Advisory Board

Amy Milstead-Ellzey, Vice President of Milstead Automotive Ltd, the towing company and vehicle storage facility that dealt a financial blow to the trucking industry, should be and will be removed from the Towing and Storage Advisory Board for the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation.

After speaking to several elected members of the Texas Legislature, the Lt Governor, the Attorney General's Office and Bill Kuntz, Executive Director of TDLR, everyone agrees that if her company is found guilty for violating State Law, she needs to go.

Last night, when John Eakins arrived at their storage facility, the conduct of Milstead's employees toward him was complete arrogance, not to mention, violating State Law, when refusing to "
have access to the current nonconsent towing fees schedule on file with the department, as prescribed in §85.1003(c), for the specific name of the company that towed the vehicle to the VSF".

Milstead's wrecker operators that towed those trucks from the Flying J best have some savings, because it is going to get tough, when they learn their TDLR wrecker operator license suspended and fined for towing vehicles without any towing signs posted. It's amazes me how a wrecker driver is overtaken by greed instead of integrity, knowing what they were doing was illegal.

Just the fact that this company that Amy Milstead-Ellzey is Vice President of, without probable cause, towed and stored 20+ vehicles, then turned around and demanded "ransom" before being released, is a primary reason why she should be removed.

Towing companies, especially, those you have been in business for over 25 years, who have developed relationships with law enforcement in their areas, are subject to arrest for violating the Texas Towing Law, since any violation, is a criminal offense. Just remember, when there are multiple wrecker operators towing from a parking facility not in compliance with Towing Law, those wrecker operators are subject to being arrested for Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, a felony offense.

Texans deserve better and expect any member of a state advisory board, commission or license holder to obey the Law, something this company, has a problem doing, case in point, the Flying J incident and their conduct with a vehicle owner at their storage facility.