Tuesday, January 13, 2009

UPDATE: Harris County Towing Scam

As of today, Tuesday, 16 members of the Texas Senate, 3 members of the Texas House of Representatives and Lt Governor David Dewhurst are aware of the major towing scam involving the Vice Presiding Office of the Texas Towing and Storage Advisory Board's towing company, Milstead Automotive.

This incident to which involves 23 tractor trailers that were basically towed from the Flying J Truck Stop parking lot without any of the required notification as required by the Texas Occupations Code 2308.255(a).

Yesterday, an investigator with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR), told John Eakins, the owner of a tractor trailer, that was towed twice from the same parking lot, that towing without any red and white towing signs posted was illegal.

Another scam issue Milstead has pulled, and the investigator agreed, as well as Bill Kuntz, Executive Director of TDLR, that Milstead, by charging two towing fees when the tractor and trailer was towed together as one unit, that would be against the regulations of very agency that the towing company's Vice President is the Presiding Office of a TDLR Advisory Board.

In my opinion and several Texas Senators, this woman,
Amy Milstead-Ellzey should be removed from her position with TDLR, because of this illegal act committing, not once, but 23 times, causing undue financial distress to vehicle operators.

This incident with Milstead is just one of many that occur all over the state of Texas everyday that hurt the pocketbook of vehicle owners and operators that will be used as an example during testimony in this Legislative session.