Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bexar County Judge Rules No Probable Cause Existed

Justice was delivered today from Bexar County JP 3 Jerry Baker, in a ruling that "probable cause did not exist" to have a tractor trailer towed.

In my opinion, after this ruling, which the evidence clearly proves that Best Transport committed several felony criminal offenses regarding this towing incident and should be arrested.

James Thompson who was represented Best Transport perjured himself when testified that his towing company towed from the tractor trailer in question, when in fact, it was Jackson Motors who towed it, since Best lacked the equipment to complete the task.

This case is no different than the incident at the Flying J in Houston that involved 23 tractor trailers. Failure to obey the Texas Towing Law has consequences, both civil and criminal.

Well, there is difference in this case than the Flying J incident, we know who towed the tractor trailers from the Flying J, just the fact that the Vice President of Milstead Automotive, which includes Milstead Towing, is on the Texas Towing and Storage Advisory Board, not to mention the Texas Towing and Storage Association, to allow her employees to flagrantly violate the very State Law which both organizations should know by now.

Bexar County JP 3 Case No. 30-H-09-00004-01