Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The SXSW Towing Scandal Deepens

SXSW - Whataburger Towing Scandal

I would say that for the most part, that Donald and Catherine Creamer, owners of Central Towing Inc of Austin, committed larceny on a grand style.
I have known these two individuals since the late 80's and for them either them to say they were unaware the Whataburger parking lot located at 601 Barton Springs Road was not in compliance with State Law, is to far fetched. The reason I believe this, is why did they switch the red and white towing signs that were not in compliance with signs that were in compliance, only after I exposed their criminal activity on this blog.

But, this company has a history of deceiving consumers, not to mention taxing entities.

This incident could be the final straw for Central Towing Inc because they are no different than Lone Star Auto Services of Dallas that TDLR fined $411,000.

The Texas Attorney General wants any victim of illegal towing, such as this incident, to file a complaint with their agency, so they can shutdown companies like Central Towing Inc. The Creamers already have a history with the Attorney General surrounding their shady business practices in the past.

We cannot allow any member company of the Austin Towing Association to commit numerous felony offenses against our citizens and do nothing, as happened in the past.

Whataburger Restaurants LP has exposed their corporation to Deceptive Trade Practice Litigation that could be costly due to the large number of victims, over the past two years. This in my opinion would an excellent class action for an attorney looking to make some money.