Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tribble & Sons Wrecker Service Fined $15,750 by State of Texas for Dishonesty

The agreed order signed by Anthony Tribble acknowledging his dishonesty.

A towing service located in College Station, Texas was subject of an investigation by the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations and the College Station Police Department.  The owner of this towing service, Anthony Tribble created two towing companies in addition to the primary company, Tribble & Sons Wrecker Service in an effort to secure police rotation calls for wrecked vehicles.

Due to Anthony Tribble's dishonesty, the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations concluded that Anthony Tribble, owner of Tribble & Sons Wrecker Service conducted towing operations without honesty, trustworthiness, integrity and operated his companies with an expired license.  Everyone charged a towing fee during the time his license was expired is due a full refund, if the towing involved private property towing, every driver would be entitled to $1800 from the parking facility that gave authorization to tow the vehicle.

The City of College Station has since began using a sole source provider for towing service used by the College Station Police Department.

Tribble's problems continue to grow as the Court has found him guilty of towing from private parking lots with improper signs posted and more complaints are filed everyday by vehicle owners for their continued criminal behavior of illegal towing.  Even more financial problems are coming to Anthony Tribble, many of the parking lots they were towing vehicles from with improper signs posted, those property owners and management companies are being sued in Hooge's court for a $1000 plus triple damages.

The case in McCleary's court that Anthony Tribble brags about winning the tow hearing with no towing signs posted, the owners of The Backyard are being sued by everyone towed from their property by Tribble for their well documented dishonesty.


County: BRAZOS
Zip Code: 77845

County: BRAZOS
Zip Code: 77845

License #: 6277047C

Complaint # TOW20130013467
Date: 9/23/2013

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $15,750. Respondent's license will be placed on a probated suspension for two years beginning on the date of this order.
Respondent operated a tow truck company with an expired license; Respondent conducted towing operations without honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity.

If you search the License #6277047C by adding two zeros before the 006277047C using the TDLR database, you will see all these companies are linked to:

Company Information:
Phone:   9792609131
Certificate Information: Status:  Active
Number:  006277047C (Active) Carrier Type:  Tow Truck Company
Number of Active Tow Trucks:   4

Address Information
BRYAN, TX. 77807


If anyone is towed from private property by Tribble without your permission, Brazos County JP Hooge wants you to file your tow hearing or statutory violation hearing in her Court, so you can get your money back. Even if you were towed two years ago by Tribble from a private parking lot without your consent, the vehicle owner or operator is entitled to $1000 plus three times the towing bill.

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation that gave Tribble a probated two year suspension (same as adult probation) of their operating license so they can continue to extort money from the citizens of Bryan and College Station.

Since the State of Texas is going to allow a corrupt business to remain in operation, it's going to be up to the College Station Police Department, the Bryan Police Department and Brazos County Sheriff to enforce the criminal penalties that Tribble and other towing companies are committing on a daily basis.  Any violation of the towing law carries the same criminal penalty of a first offense driving while intoxicated, a Class B misdemeanor and any additional offenses, felony theft, dollar value of the vehicle.  So there is no valid reason why Brazos County area law enforcement shouldn't be enforcing the criminal offenses of the towing law. 

Do not file your tow hearing in the JP Boyett's or McCleary's courts if listed on the storage reciept provided by Tribble or any towing company at their storage lot.

File all towing related causes of action in JP Lara-Hooge's court in Bryan if you want your case decided based on what the law states.  Also, you can request either the towing hearing or statutory violation hearing be heard by a jury.  There is no deadline to file the statutory violation hearing, but their is a 14 day deadline to file for the towing hearing.  If the storage receipt fails to contain the name of the person (not the business name), the 14 day deadline is invalid.

Whatever you do, never sign any storage lot business document or tow truck reciept if towed by Tribble or any towing company in College Station and Bryan.