Friday, February 13, 2009

TDLR Enforcement Investigators Making a Difference

I am very pleased with the progress by TDLR Enforcement Investigators, especially, in the Dallas Fort Worth regions after a recent conversation with Cory Trip.

The Dallas-Fort Worth region has been a haven for towing companies, vehicle storage facilities and employees of both, engaging in organized criminal activity on a daily basis, while law enforcement refuses to acknowledge criminal offenses are occurring.

Things are changing, as Investigator Trip told me he ordered a Vehicle Storage Facility in Dallas to release at no charge, three tractor trailers, that were driven to the storage facility instead of towing, after viewing the three tractors equipped with
a Qualcomm satellite system.

For once in a very longtime, the consumers have a state agency geared at tackling the chronic problems within the Towing and Vehicle Storage Facility Industry.

No more does it matter if a Judge is corrupted by towing company money, who continue to rule in favor of these criminal enterprises, instead of upholding the Texas Towing Law, because TDLR is conducting it's own investigation and issuing fines for violating the Law.

We have a ways to go, as the the Legislature must step up to the plate and pass legislation regarding criminal histories that automatically disqualify applicants for any Occupation License.

As long as Administrative Judges continue their crusade of forcing TDLR to issue Occupation Licenses to career criminals bent on bringing harm to our citizens, the public faces great risk for bodily harm and financial loss.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Commissioners must remain strong and not allow personal friendships to blind their decisions, when it becomes necessary to remove Advisory Board appointees, who are found to be violating State Law, as in the case with Amy Milstead Ellzey and Joann Messina.

More and more law enforcement agencies are contacting the Austin Police Department Wrecker Enforcement Unit to gain the knowledge on how they can address criminal illegal towing.