Friday, March 20, 2009

Wheels of Justice Turning Slowly In Favor of Illegal Towing Victims

Today, Travis County Judge Charles Webb ruled that Assured Towing Inc is liable to another victim of criminal illegal towing and ordered them to pay $300.00.

Assured Towing Inc was represented by Jorge Herrera, so their financial loss is greater than the $300, in legal fees. Mark Hall, Vice President and General Counsel for Assured Towing Inc testified also on behalf of this company.

Just last week, another victim of criminal illegal towing in the Houston area won their case against a parking facility owner for the statutory violations of the Occupation Code 2308. I am seeing more victims of criminal illegal towing win their cases outright, basically because they appeared in Court "prepared". Being prepared, by understanding the Texas Towing Law, taking the correct photographs and having someone to discuss the reason for the tow with, is of vital importance, to win in Court.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation fined Lone Star Auto Services of Dallas $411,000 for their criminal conduct involving the many victims that were scammed during the UT-OU Football Game. This should send a wakeup call to other towing companies that operate in the manner of Lone Star that your days of ripping off the consumers are numbered.

I was told this morning after speaking with the San Antonio Police Department, their City Attorney's Office has told the Police Department not to bother Assured Towing Inc San Antonio, something of which they are not amused with.

This matter goes back to the dark cloud over the towing zone Assured was given, at the bequest of the Mayor of San Antonio. There is more to this issue than we know about and the citizens of San Antonio encourage United States Attorney John Sutton's office to investigate. Assured Towing Inc is causing major problems according to San Antonio Police Department, mainly for refusing to follow the rules.

In the long run, I believe these towing companies and wrecker drivers, which routinely violate State Law, will find another occupation or be sentenced to long BOP sentences.