Sunday, March 1, 2009

Corruption Continues in Private Property Towing

Some towing company owners, like DICK Milstead, still operate with the mindset of how things were done 25 years ago, continues today, even being criminal. Many people still can't understand why the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department allows DICK Milstead's company, Milstead Automotive Ltd to commit felony offenses against owners or operators of tractor trailer rigs they impound, store and release at their storage facility.

To knowingly produce a fraudulent towing receipt when a tow truck was not attached to the trailer and charge a towing fee, is tampering with a governmental record, not to mention felony theft.

Based on comments in a conversation with the TDLR Investigator who spoke with DICK Milstead, the investigator will submit is findings to Austin that will indicate a Milstead practice, which many in the towing industry and law enforcement circles find the be illegal.

DICK's daughter should save whatever reputation she has, because both law enforcement members on the same Advisory Board believe Amy Milstead Ellzey is a conflict of interest.

Considering Judge Edie Connelly caught DICK Milstead lying during the probable cause hearing recently, it's wonder this man keep his facts straight with the TDLR investigator.

The issue with Action Towing in Killeen ripping off wounded soldiers returning from Iraq at their apartment complex has gotten the full attention of the Texas Attorney General, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Texas State Comptroller, TDLR and the Bell County District Attorney. Unfortunately, this towing company in Killeen is no different than DICK's company, two companies bent on inflicting financial pain behind criminal illegal towing.

These incidents are just a tip of the iceberg, as we have many unscrupulous towing companies and wrecker drivers, who all prey on the motoring public.