Monday, September 30, 2013

AVOID Dallas County JP 3 Al Cercone for Tow Hearings or Statutory Hearings

This morning, in Dallas County JP Court 3, corrupt Judge Al Cercone showed his true color for not holding Longhorn Wrecker responsible monetarily in a tow hearing judgement for illegal towing.

From the tow victim who beat Longhorn today:

I have owned a condominium at 7025 Hemlock Dallas Texas for 10 years. My son lives with me and owns a 1996 Nissan Sentra. Each unit is only given one parking space. Approximately 4 years ago I got written permission from the owner of unit #105 for my son to park his car in his assigned space. The HOA president at that time Steve Parker gave us a resident sticker to put on the windshield. 

The Nissan was at his fathers house from the end of July until September 9, 2013. I drove my sons car back and parked it in the assigned space with the same sticker that had been good for 4 years at 8:00 pm that night. At 22:07 pm you can see Longhorn towing took my sons car. 

The next morning my son came out and thought the car had been stolen. we had no notice whatsoever. After finding out that it had been towed we called them and were told it was towed for an expired sticker. Please see attached photos of the signs that were posted at the time the car was towed. I was not aware that there was a new towing company/sticker that has their name (Longhorn) on it. The contract was signed on August 9, 2013 with the Homeowners Association, one month before the car was towed. It  was only parked there for two hours before they took it. 

I checked for towing signs and discovered why I had not seen them The only visible sign that is in Spanish and is further than 25' from the street. Unfortunately I do not read Spanish. The other sign is on the opposite side of the parking area from where I parked and is hidden by bushes. If a car is parked in front of the sign you can not see it at all. I had to bend down and climb into the bush to get the phone number of the towing company. The bottom of the sign was approximately 3 feet from the ground.

When I called Longhorn Wrecker I was told to bring cash only. As we arrived I asked to see the tdlr license of the person I was talking to. Ana Polanco then told me to pay 279.25. After I gave her 300.00 in cash she told me we had to sign a paragraph in the documents. I told her from my understanding we did not have to sign anything to get the car back. She then told me that if my son did not sign exactly what she told him too she would not refund the money. We asked "are you saying you will keep our cash and the car?" and she said yes. I said I will call the police and she said go ahead they won't do anything. I then picked up the papers to try to read them and she told me "now I will make sure you never see your car again". I responded "Are you saying we can not read what you want us to sign?" Then she said ok you can read it. 

While I was trying to read it the tow trucks were racing in with vehicles flopping around in the back and dust flying. i told them to slow down because that is someones property. We decided to sign the paragraph just to get the car. Then she told us only one person can go back on the lot to get the car. When the gate was opened it was dark on the lot and my sons father Alan Markoff went into the dark to try to find the car among many. While this was happening I saw other people being treated badly by them. 

I told her I have the right to know who authorized the tow and she would not tell me. Even after repeated times of asking who authorized the tow she refused to give me the information. Finally she said it was a random tow for the sticker violation. (Judge Cercone told them today 9/30/2013 they have to give a 30 day notice for sticker violations according to the law). (This judge makes laws that aren't even the books regarding 30 day notice, there is no such thing as a 30 day notice)

I asked to see the contract with 7025 Hemlock Homeowners Association, Inc. and was denied a copy. There was an election of a new board on September 3, 2013 and SNL Property Management was hired. They asked for the contract and did not get a copy either. SNL sent them a cease and desist letter on September 10, 2013. Longhorn Wrecker has still come to the property to attempt to tow cars after the cease and desist letter.

Photos presented at Court:

This is corruption all way through, this Judge has turned his court into a money making machine for towing companies who accepts bribes disguised campaign donation from criminal enterprises disguised at towing companies.

The very best advice I can give anyone towed is NOT to file any hearing in this Court, the best Judge in my opinion in Dallas County is located in Pct 5 in Judge Jasso's court, you can rest assured you will get a fair trial not based a campaign donation, but rather on the facts of Law.

If towed in Dallas County, file your tow and statutory hearing in JP5 Judge Juan Jasso' court, as Jasso doesn't accept bribes from towing companies, as Cercone and other Judges.