Saturday, September 28, 2013

Unlicensed Vehicle Storage Facility Employee working at Brandt Road VSF in Austin

Yesterday evening, a Time Warner cable technician was at an apartment complex on a service call. While in an apartment installing a tenant's cable, his Time Warner Cable service vehicle was towed away by Park Right Solutions, claiming the vehicle was taking up two parking spaces.  Okay, the towing incident might be legal, but the conduct at their storage lot, Brandt Road Vehicle Storage was outright appalling.

This technician contacted me thru Texas Towing Compliance prior to arriving at the storage lot and followed the instructions when at the storage lot.  The employee at the storage lot stated he had no Vehicle Storage Facility Employee license, it was his first day, then refused to provide a copy of Park Right Solution's nonconsent tow fee schedule.  Of course, everything was recorded on video and audio between the Time Warner employees and this employee of Brandt Road VSF.  The employee grew frustrated as he was the sole employee at the VSF because he was being recorded by the vehicle owner.

Then when payment was trying to be made, the VSF employee stated the phone line was down and could only accept cash. But, since this VSF and Park Right Solutions uses Time Warner for their telephone service, the Time Warner technician confirmed the phone lines were not down, nor had they been reported as being out of service.

Then, a so called manager arrives at the VSF and the Time Warner technician ask to see his TDLR employee license, the manager refused to show it and gave the technician a photocopy of a license, which he had no way to prove the manager was actually the name of the person on the photocopy.  There is no way around this requirement of State Law that requires a TDLR licensee to present their license upon request by a vehicle owner or operator.

Every vehicle this unlicensed vehicle storage facility employee released is a separate offense and everyone should file an online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations so Brandt Road VSF can be fined for violating State Law.

State Law states: (a) A person may not work at a vehicle storage facility unless the person holds a license issued under this chapter.  This violation of State Law is also an arrestable offense as well. When you encounter an unlicensed VSF employee, you should call the Police.

For the record, Jess Horton is listed as one of the owners of Brandt Road VSF and Park Right Solutions. Mr. Horton is co-founder to Southwest Tow Operators and started a "Tow Industry Watchdog program" to gather information on Illegal Tow Operators and Vehicle Storage Facility employees that are not licensed by TDLR.

But Mr. Horton's company is violating the very regulations he targets in their Watchdog Program, so there you have it.

Be sure to file a complaint against them, just as the TWC technician has....That VSF unlicensed employee should never be granted a license, as he lacks honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity after lying about the phone line being down and demanding cash only.

I'm sure the VSF will deny everything that happened last night, the video taken of this incident by the vehicle owner will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this company, Brandt Road VSF violated State Law, an arrestable offense.

Another vehicle storage facility was fined for the exact same criminal conduct that Brandt Road VSF is committing.


City: LINN
Zip Code: 78563

License #: 5429582VSF

Complaint # VSF20130001085
Date: 7/29/2013

Respondent is assessed an administrative penalty in the amount of $1,500.
Respondent employed a person who did not hold a vehicle storage facility employee license.