Sunday, September 22, 2013

University of Texas at Austin Terminates Towing Contract With Park Right Solutions LLC

The University of Texas at Austin has terminated their relationship and contract with Park Right Solutions for towing services due to unethical and illegal business practices.  I knew this would happen sooner or later because, when Assured Towing was bought out by Dan Messina and Jess Horton who are co-owners of Park Right Solutions, the contract was reassigned, without following the bidding process.

UTPD's new Police Chief had a problem with convicted felons arriving on calls to impound vehicles to those under arrest, especially since the Austin Police Department had arrested many of Assured's now Park Right Solution drivers for criminal behavior.

Students at UT Austin can rest peacefully now since the towing contract has been taken over by Elite Towing and Recovery because none of their drivers have a criminal history, it's owner does not provide kickbacks nor bribes anyone to gain business like Park Right Solution does.

Be sure to watch the unethical and illegal business practices video that is taught to towing companies all over the United States. According to Dan Messina and Jess Horton, the key to a thriving business is conning your way to success.