Friday, September 13, 2013

Longhorn Wrecker of Dallas Found Guilty of Illegal Towing with No Towing Signs Posted

Dallas based Longhorn Wrecker Service was found guilty this morning in Justice Court for illegally towing a vehicle from an apartment complex that lacked the required towing signs posted. 

In another Justice Court case, Longhorn Wrecker Service was found guilty of illegal towing because their towing sign lacked the phrase, "Unauthorized Vehicles Towed at Owners or Operators Expense.

In both cases, the Judges ridiculed the owner of Longhorn Wrecker Service for their loud outburst and arguing with the vehicle owners during the court proceedings.

Everyone towed by Longhorn Wrecker Service is encouraged to file an online complaint with TDLR and speak with the lead towing attorney, Chad Lampe at 817-704-3984.