Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 will be the year tow victims strike back with vengeance

I have recieved emails from 28 tow victims from across the state since January 3rd, all grateful of the resources Texas Towing Compliance, as they won either the tow hearing or statutory violation lawsuit.  Over half used the expert legal services of dedicated attorneys specially trained on the Texas Towing Law.

In Bexar County, 9 tow victims left court with judgments against the parking facility in amounts fives times greater than what they paid to retrieve their vehicles.  In the North Texas area, towing companies in the DFW region are discovering their accounts are dropping them due to $2000+ judgments because their towing company outright lied to them about the legality of towing vehicles.  In Travis County, Reliant Towing, A&A Wrecker and J&J Towing are losing cases like never before, as Austin based tow victim attorneys have yet to lose an illegal towing case.

Statutory Violation Lawsuits will gain steam, as three have already been won against LAZ Parking, while several more have been filed against large property management companies who thought they were above the law, after taking the advice of their tow company.

Tow victims are encouraged to file the statutory violation lawsuit, as these types of cases are easier to win and the reward for doing so pays substantially better than a tow hearing, plus you can be awarded attorney fees as well, so you could end up leaving Court with a judgment for well over $10K.