Friday, January 3, 2014

Gold Mine in Austin for Illegal Tow Victims payable by the Parking Facility if Towed in last 4 years

If you are towed in Austin from a private parking lot by: A&A Wrecker, Reliant Wrecker Service, J&J Wrecker Service, Albert's Wrecker Service, Pronto Wrecker Service, Park Right Solutions, Austin Express, Tow Times, Central Towing, or Pinkies Wrecker Service, there is an excellent opportunity you can recover $1000 plus three times what you paid.  This also goes for drop fees.

Many of the Austin area towing company's private property accounts have been losing in Court when the Statutory Violation Civil Suit is filed, because 90% of them accepted something of value from the towing company in connection with the removal of vehicles.

Tow companies believe they can provide additional services other than providing the towing sign and doing the towing.  This includes installing the towing signs, providing guest parking permits, parking permits, striping parking lots, stickering vehicles with orange warning stickers, mailing the Certified Letter for expired inspection or registration stickers in apartment complexes and providing "spotters" to sit in parking lots identifying which vehicle is to be towed.  Unfortunately, all of these "service agreement" perks are violations of the Texas Towing Law, Occupations Code 2308.251.

With this in mind, if you are towed, you should contact our tow victims attorneys in Austin by calling 512-236-1114, as this group of attorneys will take your statutory or tow hearing case on contingency with a valid case.

So, if you pay $193.30 to get your vehicle back, your looking at $1600 in damages that the parking facility will be paying, since they authorized the tow.

If you pay a $50 drop fee within the parking facility, your looking at $1150 in damages the parking facility will be paying, instead of the towing company.

A&A Wrecker, J&J Towing and Reliant have both been losing towing related cases because of these kickbacks they are providing for the right to enforce their parking regulations within parking facilities in the City Limits of Austin.

Keep checking Texas Towing Compliance to understand your rights after being towed and by all means keep filing complaints against the towing company and vehicle storage facility with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations so they can be fined or see their license suspended.