Friday, February 20, 2009

Towing & Vehicle Storage Companies Thrive on Motorists in Texas

The past week has been filled with criminal activity among towing companies, wrecker drivers, vehicle storage facility employees and parking facility owners or agents, that several state and federal agencies have opened investigations.

Milstead Automotive Ltd was notified in writing by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations that both of his companies are under investigation, for violating the rules and regulations, that his daughter, Amy Millstead Ellzey, advises the very agency that is investigating them. (Investigation No. VSF2009-006-0996, TOW2009-006-0996)

In Killeen, Action Towing & Recovery, is under investigation, for towing vehicles from an apartment complex without probable cause, registered to "wounded Fort Hood soldiers returning from Iraq, not to mentioned several government owned vehicles. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Texas Attorney General, Texas State Comptroller, Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations and Texas Rangers are all involved in a joint investigation in the matter.

In Austin, several member companies of the Austin Towing Association, have been cited by the Austin Police Department Wrecker Enforcement Detectives for violating State Law and the City Ordinance that regulate the fees, that were charged when not allowed.

Central Towing of Austin is once again back to their old games of screwing the public, the Texas Attorney General is still after the owners, Don and Cathy Creamer for deceptive business practices among other issues, from the early 80's when they were operating under "A Better Wrecker Service".

The San Antonio Police Department is having major problems trying to get Assured Towing and other towing companies to comply with the rules they agreed to follow after being awarded a tow zone for traffic accidents.

This criminal activity surrounding private property impounds (PPI) will never cease to exist as long as law enforcement refuses to step up to the plate and enforce the State Law.

The public must file a complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations if your vehicle is taken without your permission and forced to pay a ransom to retrieve it.

The bright side of these continuing criminal illegal towing incidents, more victims after finding Texas Towing Compliance, won their probable cause hearing before a Judge.

Knowing your rights is key to taking down criminal organizations that prey on your pocketbook.