Saturday, August 31, 2013

Harris County Judge Rude & Hostile Toward Tow Victims

Harris County attorneys who paid to join the voluntary Houston Bar Association think County Ct. Judge Roberta Lloyd (whose pictures are at is hostile towards tow victims.

That graduate of Stetson Law School (in Florida) is 1 of 4 such judges in Harris County, but trails the other 3 especially in the percentage of attorneys who are not afraid to risk ranking her performance as "poor". Over half gave her a "poor" rating, despite the risk of a potential lack of anonymity and the contempt proceedings with which she still gets to coerce attorneys into submission. She's considered to be a judge who doesn't follow the law, or behave courteously to attorneys trying to uphold it for Texans' benefit.

If you visit her courtroom, you can see for yourself how hostile she can be to tow victims' rights. Sometimes she is polite in the process but the ultimate results nevertheless seem pre-determined by her desire to fill her campaign donations purse... Laws seem nonbinding in her court unless she wants otherwise. Often laws favoring tow victims serve as mere annoyances to her, as do the folks who advocate obedience to such laws.

These are your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen...