Monday, August 5, 2013

Tow Victim Awarded $14,500 in Justice Court

A Colorado based trucking company this morning, was awarded $14,345.70 in a Justice Court suit filed against a shopping center owner and it's property management company in Abilene.


Operator of tractor and refrigerated trailer was towed from a shopping center parking lot abutting a hotel parking lot.  There were some signs posted, but none contained all the required information and the driveway entered had no signs posted.

The Judge ruled their claim for violation of Texas Occupation Code 2308.301 against the parking facility to be valid and awarded the tractor trailer owner $14,513.89 in total damages.

Paid to retrieve vehicle:  $1079.70 x 3 = $3238.10, damage to trailer load $10,000.00 plus $1000 plus the filing fee $106.00.

The damage to the trailer load was caused because the fuel tank running the refrigeration unit ran out of fuel before the driver was able to recover the tractor trailer.