Tuesday, August 20, 2013

PD Towing of Houston & Windsor Cypress Apartments Terrorize Residents in Ongoing Towing Scam

Residents and their guests are being terrorized by a towing company, that claims on their website they obey the law, when in fact, they are towing vehicles in violation of State Law.

The towing signs posted at Windsor Cypress Apartments do not comply with the Texas Towing Law.  There are two driveways that enter this property from a public roadway, one driveway has no sign posted period and the main entrance driveway lacks any signage posted within 25' of the roadway.

The property manager is authorizing the theft of vehicles, while the towing company lines their pockets with ill gained money. Because the property manager authorized the towing, vehicle owners or operators towed or charged a drop fee are entitled to $1000 plus triple what you paid to retrieve their vehicle payable by Windsor Creek Apartments.

Any towing, except for handicap, blocking dumpsters or parking aisles, would be an illegal tow.

Since this towing company has been towing vehicles for awhile, those vehicle owners or operators should file a Justice Court suit against Windsor Cypress for the violations of the Texas Towing Law that have been and continue to be committed.  This is not a tow hearing!

Everyone towed from this apartment complex is encouraged to file an online complaint against PD Towing of Houston with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation for the towing sign not being legal and the placement of the sign.

An example of how a legal towing sign for an apartment complex should be worded, as the sign above and posted on both sides of the driveway entering from Huffmeister Road no farther than 25' feet facing the driver when entering.

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