Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Atlas Towing Busted by SAPD for Towing Vehicles In Violation of State Law

Three different vehicle owners, all towed by Atlas Towing of San Antonio, from three different parking lots learned they were illegally towed, according to victims after an investigation by the San Antonio Police Department Vehicle Crimes Unit.

The towing signs provided by Atlas Towing to the parking facility is the wrong layout and lacks the phrase, "Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed at Owner's or Operator's Expense".  Atlas' owner claims someone else installs his signs, but evidently he nor their drivers seem care if the sign is correct and posted in the correct location.

The San Antonio Police Department Wrecker Detectives are holding towing companies responsible for their criminal activity when complaints are filed with them.  This includes issuing a $500 ticket to the wrecker driver, a large fine to the towing company owner and pursuing criminal charges against property managers/owners who allow towing from their parking facility in violation of the Texas Towing Law and City Ordinance.

Anyone towed or charged a drop fee by Atlas Towing should take a picture of the towing sign, where it is posted and call or email SAPD to file a complaint for an illegal tow.  If you are towed from a parking lot bearing a towing sign as posted above, you should file a Justice Court suit against the parking facility for the $1000 plus triple what you paid, including any damage done to your vehicle during the removal.

It is recommended that all tow hearings and Justice Court civil suits for the violation of Occupation Code 2308.301(b)(5)(B) be filed in Bexar County JP Precinct 3, 8918 Tesoro Drive, Ste 300, San Antonio 78217 (Judge Jeff Wentworth) (for parking lots bearing the above type sign)

In addition, it's important to file an online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations to report this activity, which with an illegal towing sign, warrants a violation of an unauthorized tow which could get ATLAS fined $5000 for every complaint per vehicle towed.

Atlas doesn't appear to care about obeying the law, as more people are calling to complain and everyone is directed to SAPD to file criminal charges.