Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Unacceptable Vehicle Storage Facilities Conduct

When a consumer arrives at a vehicle storage facility to retrieve their vehicle, for the most part, this experience can be very unpleasant. Everyone who calls my hotline seeking help, gets the same information; demand the person about to accept your money, show you their TDLR Vehicle Storage Facility employee card, close enough, you can read their name and TDLR number. Why some employees of storage lots become hostile when asked for this license by a consumer meets no merit.

Another document that should be requested, is the non-consent tow fee schedule for towing company whom towed your vehicle to the storage facility. Again, some employees become outright nasty.

Next request, which they must provide, or face arrest, is provide the full printed name of the person whom authorized the towing of your vehicle, including their address, city, state, zip and phone number. Some companies will tell consumers they need a court order for that information as a scare tactic to avoid providing the required information.

All of these issues, occur in lots of vehicle storage facilities across Texas.

Should you encounter a rude, distasteful, or vulgar vehicle storage facility employee, you should file a complaint against them.

It's my hope that consumers contact me prior to going to the vehicle storage facility, so I may prepare them for what could occur.

The following audio wave is of a recent consumer visit to Bob's Towing in Denton, who obviously is in bed with the Judge, that continues tow vehicles in violation of State Law.

It's best to remember when going to a vehicle storage facility, to record if possible everything that is said between you and employees of the storage facility, for future causes of action.

For information regarding your rights, visit TTC.