Monday, July 29, 2013

City of Austin Moves to Stop Illegal ROW Towing near Convention Center by Predatory Reliant Towing

The City of Austin has become involved to stop the predatory towing by Reliant Towing from the public right of way in the 700 block of East 3rd Street, by reinstalling new no parking signs.

Hopefully, those vulture-like tow truck operators with Reliant Towing will think twice before towing from this area and any other public right of way.

Anyone towed from 702 East 3rd Street in Austin, Texas is encouraged to file a police report for a wrecker ordinance violation, so that criminal charges can be filed on the tow truck operator for stealing their vehicle and being forced to pay an extortion fee to retrieve them.

Also, everyone towed by Reliant from this area are encouraged to contact our tow victim's attorney Ryan Dunn to sue Reliant Towing in Justice Court for the civil penalty for towing without authorization violation that entitles a vehicle owner or operator to $1000 plus triple whatever you paid to retrieve your vehicle, plus the filing fee.