Thursday, July 18, 2013

Latest Changes to Tow Hearings Beneficial to Illegal Tow Victims

Instead of having the tow hearing at Justice of Peace with a history of issuing favorable judgement for towing companies, the Texas Legislature changed the law.

Effective immediately, vehicle owners and operators can now file the request for the tow hearing at any Justice of Peace "within" the County the vehicle was towed.

A list of every Justice of the Peace by County can be found here.

Being prepared for a tow hearing makes a major difference in the outcome before the Judge, you can read more about what types of photos to present in court by reading this information or watch this video.

If the towing company or vehicle storage facility that received the payment fails to furnish to the owner or operator of the vehicle the name, address, and telephone number of the parking facility owner or law enforcement agency that authorized the removal of the vehicle, the towing company or vehicle storage facility that received the payment is liable if the court, after a hearing, does not find probable cause for the removal and storage of the vehicle.  

It's important to remember, you have 14 days, excluding Saturday, Sunday and national holidays to submit your request for the tow hearing.  If the vehicle storage facility fails to provide the full printed name of the person, not a business name, of the person, their address, who authorized the towing and/or a complete list of all the Justice of the Peace courts was towed, the 14 day deadline to submit the request is not an issue.