Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Towing Scam near Austin Convention Center Leaves Motorists Fuming

In Austin, Texas on East 3rd Street directly in front of Crossfit Central are parking areas for the public to pay the City of Austin Parking Pay Station and park. Some unlucky drivers returned from the Austin Convention Center or a night out on the town to discover their vehicles had been towed.  Some I have spoken to were outright mad and they had every reason to be, considering the area they were towed from is public right of away owned by City of Austin, with COA signage in place directing them to park where they were towed.

A female employee with Crossfit Central told a City of Austin Transportation Department employee after inquiring about the towing issue at hand, that tow trucks come by at will and tow with nobody there authorizing the tows. So this leads to only one conclusion, vehicles are being towed without authorization. (stolen)

The towing company, Reliant Towing, claims they are towing vehicles from blocking the gate, but signage posted by the City of Austin says the entire area is for paid parking.  This past Saturday night, a black Dodge truck was towed from directly in front of the towing sign nowhere near blocking the gate.

Everybody towed from this area is urged to call 512-974-5000 to file an offense report for a wrecker ordinance violation to pursue criminal charges against the tow truck operator.