Monday, July 8, 2013

Galveston Towing Scams Burn Motorists Daily While Galveston Police Do Nothing!!

Galveston Island is awash in towing scams that will make some visitors think twice before returning since 95% of the private parking lots lack the required red and white towing signage with "all" the required information.  This company's tow truck was observed cruising the Kroger's parking lot, which has their illegal towing signs posted as shown below.

Being this parking facility belongs to an opened grocery store with sign posted that states "No Parking" is a sure scam as motorists have no clue who is allowed to park and prohibit all others. Before leaving Kroger after paying for some groceries, I asked the store manager why legal towing signs are not posted, since the ones posted fail to comply with State Law. The response given, "our customers have complained about the lack of parking". Well if proper notice was provided, their parking problems may cease to exist.

Another towing scam artist, AAAA Galveston Wrecker Service has their illegal towing signs posted at the car wash at 25th and Broadway, which is also an opened business.

The parking areas located off Seawall Blvd encourages parking as trash bins were placed in parking rows where vehicles are parked, some drivers returned finding their vehicle towed.

Another towing scam artist  A&A Wrecker has their illegal towing signs posted throughout Galveston that fail to state exactly who may park and prohibit all others, as this sign posted on Stewart Road and the store at 28th and Seawall Blvd as shown on this video.

This illegal towing sign posted at the Joe's Crab Shack and Brick House is a 12 x 18" sign, but State Law requires towing signs to be 18 x 24" in size, another attempt to scam motorists.

It's amazes me how a towing company and tow truck operators are overtaken by greed instead of integrity, knowing what they were doing is illegal". 

Based on my observation, there are only "two" towing companies using "legal" towing signs in Galveston, the two pictured above has all the required information, therefore warning motorists of who may park and prohibit all others.

Why the other towing companies refuse to post "legal" towing signs can only lead one to believe they think they are above the law.

Anyone towed while in Galveston from a parking lot bearing any of the illegal towing signs are encouraged to file an online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing &; Regulation, because your vehicle was illegally towed.

Why the Galveston Police Department allows this criminal conduct by their local towing companies to continue is beyond belief, as other law enforcement agencies arrest wrecker drivers and parking facility owners for the same exact conduct. 

The Galveston Police Department would be wise to ask the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations to educate themselves on what is a legal towing sign and where they must be posted. 

For additional illegal towing information, visit Texas Towing Compliance.