Friday, April 25, 2014

Everyone Due A Refund If Towed in Austin-San Marcos areas

J&J Towing, Big A Towing, Prontos & Alberts Towing, Clark Towing, Central Towing, Park Right Solutions, Tow Times, Austin Express, Customz Wrecker Service, Rocha's Towing, Pinkies Towing, Denver's Towing, Southside Wrecker, Lakeside Towing, Cedar Park Wrecker Service, Bulldog Wrecker, Southwest Towing and Saucedo's Wrecker Service continues to tow vehicles from parking lots and apartment complexes with illegal tow signs posted. Basically, tow truck drivers are stealing vehicles, while law enforcement looks the other way.

If you are towed and pay $193.30, your are entitled to $1685,00, you pay $293.30, your entitled to $1875.00, if the tow sign states "Towing Enforced At All Times", regardless the stated reason for towing the vehicle. This also goes for on property drop fees, it's $1000 plus three times the drop fee.

Always take a photograph of the tow sign close enough the sign text can be read and the parking space without a vehicle in it your vehicle was towed from prior to going to the storage lot.

If any of the signs below are posted at the parking lot you were towed from, you were illegally towed, based on changes in State Law that became effective September 1, 2013.

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16 photos of signs at parking lots you may have been illegally towed from