Monday, April 28, 2014

Anyone who has been towed or charged a drop fee by Texas Impound Services has been illegally towed if the above sign is posted at the parking facility.  This sign is no longer legal effective 9-1-13 due to changes in the Texas Towing Law.

The primary reasons this sign is illegal are the red background directly beneath the tow symbol can only state: “towing enforced” and lacks the statutory requirement of the hours and days when towing is enforced.

The Denton Police Department encourages tow victims to call them to file an offense report, that will be investigated and after the investigation is completed, file criminal charges against the tow truck operator and parking facility owner/manager.

You NEVER want to pay this company a drop fee charges if this sign is posted!  Once you discover the tow truck operator hooking up your vehicle, use your cellphone to video record the entire process, as the tow lights, both safety chains and if a front wheel drive, loaded on dollies must be completed in order to charge anything.  You always want to call 911 so a Denton Police officer can arrive on the scene, so you can show the officer with your video, the vehicle was not fully loaded for transport.

The contact name for the Denton Police Department is Sgt. Tim Atcheson, his office number is 940-349-7955 during weekdays. 

It’s been documented that Texas Impound Service installs the towing signs and provides parking permits to apartment complexes, a clear violation of State Law, by providing something of value (kickbacks) to the parking facility.

Since there is a corrupt JP (Holland) in Denton, it’s advised to file the tow hearing in another Justice of the Peace in Denton County.

To collect the civil penalty award ($1000 plus triple damages) for both the tow company and parking facility for committing statutory violations, it recommended that tow victims contact Norred Law at 817-704-3984, as this process requires expertise or you could end up leaving Court with a judgement against you for the attorneys fee for the parking facility.

Always file an online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations if you are towed by Texas Impound Services LLC.

The statute of limitation for tow hearings and statutory violation lawsuits is two years if the name of the “person” is not provided on the paperwork you recieved at the storage lot when paying for your vehicle.

The issue regarding the sign as shown about with regards the changes in the text and format of the sign begin 9-1-13 to the present.

Texas Impound Services LLC is a member of the Southwest Tow Operators, who's founder is shown on a YouTube video admitting to bribing law enforcement with cash, property managers and committing workers comp fraud.

For more information, call the tow victims hotline at 512-680-3190.