Monday, April 28, 2014

TDLR Seeks $28K Fine From Southwest Tow Operators Member Company

Once again, another member of the Southwest Tow Operators is in trouble with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations for violating the rules and regulations.

Big Daddy’s Wrecker Service in Hillsboro, Texas attempted to scam an insurance company with regards to a tractor trailer involved in a traffic accident on 35E at mile marker 358 over unauthorized charges, failure to provide a nonconsent tow fee schedule and refusing to release the vehicle when the department approved released document was provided.

TDLR is seeking to fine Big Daddy’s Wrecker Service and their vehicle storage facility $28,120, this fine alone should send a strong message to towing companies and vehicle storage facilities, if you try to scam someone, the price you will be paying in fines, is simply not worth it.

Any vehicle owner that thinks the charges on their towing and storage bill who were involved in a traffic accident are outrageous or suspect they are being scammed, are urged to file an online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations.

Read the investigative report here.