Thursday, April 24, 2014

Texas Towing Compliance Founder Pat Johnson informs tow companies they are being sued towing with illegal signs posted

Yesterday, at the TDLR Advisory Board Meeting, I told tow company owners, those in the audience that they are being sued now for towing vehicles illegally with illegal tow signs posted. I believe they got the points about what has happen in the Courts and to many more who are faced with lawsuit against them and their accounts, if they continue to tow vehicles without probable cause, then demand a ransom to get their vehicle released.

There is only two towing companies, one located in Central Texas (Elite Towing and Recovery) and in the DFW area (Eric's Towing) that provide legal tow signs to parking facilities and refuse to give kickbacks for the right to have vehicles towed.

If you own a vehicle, it's advised to subscribe to to ensure your rights are not violated when you encounter a tow truck driver or after your vehicle has been towed.

If you are towed, take a photograph with your cellphone of the tow signs, where they are posted and the space your vehicle was parked in, prior to going to the storage lot.

Do not hesitate calling or texting 512-680-3190 if your unsure if the money the tow truck operator is demanding in the parking is legal or whether your vehicle was towed legally, since all of the tow signs posted at private or public property in Austin, Azle, Cedar Park, Round Rock, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Dallas, Euless, Denton, Lewsiville, Bryan, Plano, College Station, Galveston, Leander, Lakeway, Killeen, Waco, and many more towns, are illegal tow signs.

If you pay $293.30 to get your vehicle back, the Court will award you $1800 for a statutory violation lawsuit, as in every case of this nature, there are multiple violations that increases the final judgement amount, that interest accrues until the court ordered judgement is paid.