Saturday, December 21, 2013

P Terry's Burger Stand Engages in Criminal Behavior to Scam Austin Families Attending the Trail of Lights

There is no Christmas spirit at P Terry's Burger Stand located at 404 South Lamar, as the owner of this business has chosen to scam families, by authorizing vehicles to be towed from his parking lot that fails to meet the minimum requirements of the Texas Towing Law.  In the above photo, the driveway entering from South Lamar is wider than 35' and would require two towing signs, one on both sides facing the driver when entering.

When entering P Terry's parking lot from Josephine Street near Butler, this driveway is also wider than 35' and you can clearly see there is no towing sign posted 5' off the ground facing the driver when entering.  P Terry's owner should be ashamed of taking advantage of families who attended the Trail of Lights, then forcing them to pay a $80 cab fare to Round Rock to retrieve their vehicles.

Of course, P Terry's will tell you there are signs posted but, the sign is two feet off the ground when State Law states the sign can be no lower than five feet off the ground, as you can see in the above photo. Minor variation in height is not 3 feet!

Based on prior illegal towing cases with Customz Wrecker Service, we know that P Terry's didn't install these signs that are posted, rather the towing company did, which is a violation of State Law.

So, at this parking facility of P Terry's, there are a total of six statutory violations of the Texas Towing Law, that have been committed by P Terry's owners against the citizens of Austin.  All of these statutory violations are criminal offenses, but APD's Wrecker Enforcement Unit has yet to hold a parking facility responsible for committing any of them.

Since the Police aren't going to do anything, State Law entitles everyone towed from this location to collect $1000 plus triple what is paid to retrieve their vehicle at the storage lot in addition to the filing fee.  If you pay $193.30, P Terry's will be paying you $1600.00.   On the bright side of this issue, you don't have to prove negligence of a parking facility owner.

Start 2014 with an extra $1600 payable by P Terry's by contacting Ryan Dunn at 512-236-1114, who will take your case on contingency.

You also want to file an online complaint with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations against Customz Wrecker Service because of the signage issue, they will be fined $2000 more than you pay to get your vehicle back. 

Update: Since the date of this post, the owner of P Terry's has made sure legal towing signs are properly posted.