Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Denton Police Do Nothing As Predatory Bob's Towing Continues to Commits Felony Offenses Against Citizens & Tourists of Denton, Texas

Email from latest victim in Denton, Texas:

I have had a major problem with the tow truck company at my apartment complex. Several months ago I was towed from my own apartment complex they say because I didn't have a tag or it fell of or something. That may be legal they made me go up there and pay for it even though I lived there and I had proof of it. I didn't complain to hard about that although it left me broke with no rent money. I have since then witnessed on several occasions the same company doing things that I found out to be illegal. I have been outside and seen them come up checking tags which they do without complaints from the residents, just to make extra bucks because they know the complex is close to some of the popular bars in town.

I can understand the use of this but people don't often park there to walk over to the bars they don't like risking getting towed. This company is getting people who park just to drop off something at a friends place they are inside maybe 2 minutes, they come out the tow truck is backing up, now I have seen one woman beg tell them to wait just a minute and run into her apartment. When she went inside these men as quickly as possible hooked up her car while before they hadn't even started what is worse is when she came out she only had 110 dollars on her that she could pull together and you know what they said that was fine, they took her money issued no receipt although initially they had asked for 160. Now after these men at Bob's Towing were so rude to me when I was towed from my own complex, I have been interested in all the things they do when I happen to see them. I still wasn't completely sure of all the regulations involved, I saw a news report on the local news, they were talking about tow companies being obligated to let you take your car if you catch them before they have hooked it up or before they have hooked it up entirely. I never knew about this before but I assure you I have seen this company has done it a few times in front of me, and I am sure a million times all around Denton. If they are investigated I think there would be a lot of illegal things going on there. I want to find out what I can do, they did the same thing to a friend of mine tonight it is the last straw. He only came in for five minutes dropping off some food for us, he came out they had just backed up to his car in the 1 minute he came in to ask for 3 more dollars the men had quickly hooked the car up. This can't be right, 160 dollars to unhook a car they hadn't even started hooking up when he came outside.

These crooks need to be shut down, I have heard other complaints from people I have talked to as well, worse crimes then scamming people, I am talking car theft. I just want to know what I can do, who I can complain to how I can get the ball rolling on this,  people aren't made of money. Especially now in these economic times, we are poor college students in this town working 2 jobs, and full class loads 160 dollars is a lot of money to us. I don't have anything against tow trucks in general when people are really parking illegally their services are needed but these guys at Bob's Towing they are crooks and they keep getting away with it because no one will complain, no one know the law, they should be shut down. Sorry if this email is long and rambling and full of grammar mistakes, it was written after the anger building up in me the past two years against this company finally exploded. I would appreciate any response.

Katherine Whitehous