Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tow victims score wins across the State of Texas

Because of Judges who continue to accept something of value in return for favorable tow hearing rulings is one of the primary reason the law was changed regarding jurisdiction.   Tow victims are doing their homework, based on the website, and taking on their property managers before a jury.  The motoring public and economy are being preyed upon by organized crime while a majority of police and sheriff departments refused to get involved in private property towing related matters.  It's total "bullshit" a peace officer tells a tow victim their is nothing he can do, when in fact he should be stopping the tow truck driver leaving the property with their vehicle.

Just why is it?  Why is law enforcement allowing convicted felons to engage in organized crime and extortion of their citizens?  Geez, it's an arrestable offense and doing nothing violates The Hobbs Act.  There are cities that try to do their job, but are overwhelmed in their duties.

In Denton County, seven tow victims won their tow hearings over expired inspection or registration issues, each recieved credit on their rent the amount of the judgement and the tow company was fired.

In Bexar County, three tow victims from the same apartment complex that had illegal Atlas Towing signs posted won their statutory violation hearings against the apartment complex property management company. Each were awarded $3200.

In Dallas County, Judge Jasso's court has seen an increase in towing related cases, last 10 tow victims won their cases.

Tow victims are beginning to take an interest in getting what they are entitled to when ripped off by a towing company when towed from private property.