Saturday, December 14, 2013

Report Bandit Tow Trucks to TDLR wherever Found in Texas

When your driving around in your community, if you spot a pickup with this type of towing component, regardless where parked and it bears a regular license plate, take your cell phone and photograph the truck.  The photo must show the type of license plate above and email the photo to

Should you spot a tow truck or rollback hauling vehicles with no lettering on both sides that contain the company name, city and phone number, take photos like the one above and email them to

In the email, state:  Attached are photos of two different tow trucks, both have nonexistent TDLR numbers based your database, one has a regular license plate instead of a tow truck license plate and the other truck has zero markings to identify the name and phone number of the tow company.

These photos were taken yesterday and earlier today.

The only way for the public to protect themselves from predatory and bandit towing companies is to take photos as evidence and send them to TDLR, so they can made to come into compliance and be fined.