Monday, February 10, 2014

Tow Victim Overcharged in San Antonio Awarded $1699.75 by Court

In a clear victory for tow victims overcharged a drop fee or towing fee, Bexar County JP Robert Vasquez issued a stunning ruling against Texas Parking Enforcement, Inc and ordered them to pay $1699.75 for overcharging the San Antonio City Ordinance regulated $85.00.

The owner of Texas Parking Enforcement, Ron Bruner is retired from the San Antonio Police Department and the Judge's ruling proves nobody regardless of who they were or are today are above the law in his Court with regards to private property towing issues.

Property managers best be aware, your business relationship with your towing company and the actions of your towing company's drivers will having you paying out high dollar judgments for committing statutory violations of the towing law.

Those property managers who have chosen to engage in criminal conduct at the expense of their residents, tenants and customers, your day in Court will happen soon enough.  Any property owner or their agent that signs any agreement to tow vehicles that includes a hold harmless clause, you have broken the law by accepting something of value.  You will be responsible for appearing in court, giving a deposition, legal fees to represent your property owner and or management company, all because you chose to accept something of value from your towing company.

Everyone overcharged that the old San Antonio tow or drop fee of $85 before it was changed to the current fee is encouraged to contact our San Antonio legal team by calling 512-928-9999 to get signed up so you can collect your money you never imaged getting back with no upfront legal fees.  Our legal teams will take all statutory violation lawsuits on a contingency basis.

This strategy of filing a lawsuit against the accounts of these predatory towing companies instead of going after the towing company, is when the trial is before a jury or an honest Judge, 9 out 10 property managers and their employs admit their towing company provided something of value, then admit to much more, that leads to guilty verdicts on multiple counts.  Even better, a few Judges, one in Dallas County and the other in Collin County, have ordered property managers be taken into custody in the courtroom, after being found guilty the second time, since it's an arrestable Class B Misdemeanor.