Friday, March 21, 2014

A-1 Towing Service Continues to Scam Motorists in the Bryan/College Station area

The Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations has told this company their tow signs are legal, but State Law says different, as tow victims are winning their tow hearings in Judge Lara Hooge's Court based on what State Law requires.

Everyone that has been towed by A-1 Wrecker Service from a private or public parking lot anywhere in Brazos County are due a refund, mainly because of illegal towing signs posted.

Over the past week, 30+ vehicle owners and or operators have called the 24hr Tow Victims Hotline with similar concerns.  It seems A-1's vehicle storage facility is telling motorists if they want the name of the person who authorized the tow, the TDLR license number to their tow truck operators or even their storage lot employees, they would need a court order.

Even JP Boyett says this is total bullshit, as State Law requires this information to be provided at the time of payment and stated on the receipt.  Numerous tow victims have told me, that Boyett is referring tow victims to Texas Towing Compliance to retain an attorney to go after these dishonest tow companies for their deceptive business practices.

Everyone towed by A-1 is encouraged to take advantage of Texas Towing Compliance's prosecution team that charged no upfront legal fees to file the Theft Liability or Statutory Violation lawsuit, so you can be paid $1000 plus triple damages.

The issue with A-1's tow signs is the top part of the sign where the tow symbol is located must be a solid white background all the way across the sign. In A-1's sign, it's red.

If towed, take photos of their tow signs, where you were parked and email those photos and your paperwork when paying out your vehicle to here.