Thursday, March 6, 2014

SXSW Warning: Predatory Towing Will Ruin Your Experience & Be Costly

The many thousands of visitors attending SXSW events should do everything possible to avoid parking within private parking lots. Austin area predatory tow companies, their drivers and parking facility owners/operators are ready to make motorist's experience one they will not soon forget.

You can expect to see tow truck drivers charge on-property drop fees when not allowed, tow your vehicle to another location other than a state licensed storage facility, instead of going directly to the storage lot, burglarize your locked vehicle, and make questionable tows because of the profit sharing between the tow company and the parking facility.

If you do park on private parking lots, use your cellphone to take pictures of the red and white towing sign, where they are posted and the parking space your vehicle could be towed from, prior to embarking on the walk to the event your going to.

If you are towed by J & J Towing from a parking lot that bears the name "Central Parking" or from underneath the freeway between 8th and 6th Streets, your in luck to collect $1600 if you pay $193.30.  For more information regarding this tow scam, call 512-236-1114.

Should you find your vehicle has been towed, be sure to call 311 to file an offense report for a wrecker ordinance violation and who towed your vehicle.

If a tow truck driver attempts to charge you a drop fee, take video with your phone of when you caught the driver hooking up your vehicle, then call 911 to report the driver for trying to charge you an unauthorized drop fee.  It's best to get inside your vehicle after obtaining this video and calling 911 and it's illegal to tow a vehicle with someone inside it.

Every storage lot that receives private property impounds are required to accept credit cards, debit cards and cash to pay out your vehicle.  For drop fees, the tow truck operator must 30 minutes to allow you to obtain the money.

Never assume your vehicle was legally towed, as most Austin area towing company give something of value to the parking facility in connection with the removal of your vehicle.

Should you be victimized by a tow company, contact Texas Towing Compliance at 512-680-3190 as they a legal team who will represent you with no upfront legal fees to recover the civil penalty behind your vehicle being illegally towed.