Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tow Trucks in Austin Metro Area Breaking Rules, Not Securing Vehicles

Austin is a notoriously difficult place to park a car, and anyone who parks illegally, even for a few minutes, risks having his or her car towed away. You probably knew that already, but chances are you didn’t know that most tow trucks in the Austin metro area have been putting you, and everyone else on the road, in danger. How? By not using safety chains to secure the vehicles they’re towing away.

“The danger in not using safety chains is if the vehicle comes loose in any shape or form, that vehicle is basically on a free-for-all on the streets and highways".

“This is alarming, this should not be happening,” according to Don Vara with the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation. “State Law requires for every vehicle that is in tow to be properly secured with the use of safety chains.”

“I mean the rules are in place for a reason and that they’re not following them is a problem, it creates a safety hazard, can probably even damage the vehicle that’s being towed as well so for a lot of different reasons they should be complying with those State Laws."

I believe the towing companies don’t bother using chains because it’s an extra step, one that slows them down when they’re doing private property tows. It seems pretty crystal that you want to do it in a hurry because if the owner comes you gotta just release it without charge.

Police officers are looking the other way so somebody can make money because not one tow truck has been stopped and cited.  Even APD's tow contractor doesn't use safety chains when towing buses for cap metro...

“Officers that observe tow truck drivers that are not in compliance should be stopped and cited.”

"I don’t mind people making money, this is a capitalist country, but they have to do it the right way.”