Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Texas State Senator John Carona Meets Same Fate as Tuffy Hamilton Over Towing Legislation

The voters in Dallas County decided to remove John Carona from office after years in the Texas Legislature of accepting money from the predatory towing industry and special interest for the sole purpose of corporate greed.

Carona was responsible for the passage of legislation that stripped the rights of vehicle owner across the state from having their attorney fees included in Tow Hearings and Statutory Violation Lawsuit.  Carona also decided to push the legislation that decriminalized kickbacks in the form of free towing signs to parking facilities, something he directly benefited from financially being the owner of a large property management company, that allow member companies of the Southwest Tow Operators to terrorize their residents and guest.

Carona and Hamilton have now been voted out of office for causing millions of Texans and out of state tourists grave financial problems due to their desire to accept bribes disguised as campaign donations from criminal organizations, aka predatory towing companies..