Friday, October 11, 2013


This company is very dishonest, it's storage lot employees become hostile when asked to display their state issued VSF employee license.

They refuse to provide the name of the person who authorized your vehicle to be towed on the storage release receipt.  State Law requires they give the name of the person.

They will charge you a $50 notification letter fee on a Sunday when the Post Office is closed.

They will claim their phone lines are down in effort to get you to pay cash.

They were found guilty for illegal towing by a Judge.

They continue to tow vehicles without probable cause from apartment complexes, claiming your inspection or registration sticker was expired. The majority of vehicle owners or operators are unaware the apartment complex must send them a certified letter giving them 10 days to renew the sticker or be towed.  Reliant thinks they can bypass this requirement with an orange warning sticker. Reliant's tow truck drivers are required to take continuing education courses to retain their state license, one of the questions in the test, is "can I tow a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker with placing an orange warning sticker on a vehicle".  The answer of course is "NO".

Tow truck operators who are card carrying members of the Southwest Tow Operators, that Schroeder, Horton, Messina, Hull and Juliano all have a vested financial interest in, believe they are above the Law.

This company, Park Right Solutions,  A&A and J&J target apartment complexes occupied by minorities, knowing they don't have the means or knowledge to contest the towing of their vehicles.

Reliant claims on their website they are centrally located, tell someone towed from Pflugerville, Georgetown, San Marcos, Round Rock or Cedar Park that Slaughter Lane and Manchaca Road is centrally located, it's a 35 mile drive that can take upwards an hour or more to get there.  They offer to call you a cab, but refuse to pay the $120 cab fare when you arrive at the storage lot.  After the cabs leaves from dropping you, you could hear their credit card machine is down and only cash can be accepted. Several vehicle owners had to pay additional day of storage plus the $50 notification fee for what would been a normal $193.30 when towed at 10pm and released at 3am had Reliant not only taken cash.

Then you have to deal with verbal abuse from one of the "stoned" felons employed by Reliant who become irate and threatening when you ask to see their Tow Truck Operator or VSF employee license or refuse to sign their business documents after submitting payment, that State Law says you don't have to sign..

YOU ALWAYS WANT TO RECORD ALL AUDIO AND VIDEO when dealing with Reliant Towing, their storage lot at 10,000 Slaughter Creek Drive and any property manager or parking lot owner.

It's a nightmare with this company..

This business is nothing more than a criminal enterprise laundering money from organized criminal activity.

Every property manager or property owner that signs a "service agreement" with this company is subject to arrest each time a vehicle is towed, all because the authorization was a result of a bribe solicited by Mark Schroeder's employees that the property manager accepted. That is why State Law allows the vehicle owner or operator to sue the parking facility for committing a violation of the Texas Towing Statute.  Reliant and Park Right Solutions should offer the name of bail bonding companies for their property managers to call, after they are arrested for authorizing vehicles to be towed in violation of State Law. 

The best thing to do is call someone else if you need towing services, if you fall victim to these predators and forced to pay to get your vehicle released or dropped, call 512-236-1114 to collect $1000 plus triple what you paid in addition to the cost of repairs for damage to your vehicle caused during the removal and storage.

Always call 911 when you are about to engage one their felon tow truck drivers in a parking lot with your vehicle and never give their driver your credit card number unless a police officer is present. 

It's not uncommon to discover your vehicle damaged or burglarized as a result of towing and storage by Reliant Towing, Park Right Solutions or J&J Towing.

If you discover your vehicle has been burglarized while inspecting your vehicle at the storage lot, DO NOT open the doors to the vehicle, call 911, so a Crime Scene Unit can fingerprint and inventory your vehicle.

Never leave their storage lots until law enforcement arrives and gives you an offense report number if you discover damage or someone has been inside your vehicle and items are missing.

Neither Reliant or Park Right will provide you their insurance information to file claims for damage or theft. They will tell you to fill out a report and the manager will contact you. This should tell you they have no intentions of paying for damage caused by their tow truck operators

It's been talk around town, that Mark Schroeder, the owner of Reliant is going to merge with Park Right Solutions, so he can be with his con artist buddy Jess Horton, so Dan Messina who admitted to bribing police officers, committing workers comp fraud and cheating wage and hour employees, can manage their finances, as Schroeder is finding out his profit margins are disappearing because of all of the financial kickbacks given to property managers and the increasing frequency of TDLR fines.