Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Parking Facilities Across Texas Duped by False Insurance Coverage by Towing Companies

Apartment Complex managers, their supervisor, parking facility owners and property management companies everyday are lied to about the insurance coverage of their towing company by a professional con artist a/k/a tow company salesperson or owner.

Many towing companies will give the parking facility a certificate of insurance as part as their towing agreement to remove vehicles.

What most property managers don't know, is that the $1M in Garage Keepers Liability does not cover anything that happens on their property. Some towing companies will go as far as using "white out" to change the Garagekeepers to "General" indicating they have General Liability, which would cover any damages caused by the tow company employees while on property, when in fact they don't.

Since more tow company owners are learning they can't use contract drivers on their payroll,  thanks to the IRS, most apartment complex and commercial property management companies require the tow company have true Workers Compensation Insurance for their employees. Workers Comp insurance is very expensive because every employee is required to be covered that draws a paycheck from the towing company.

The most recent revealed Workers Comp Insurance fraud, is where a tow company will place two of their employees with a Staffing Agency that pays the tow company 2 employees and the Staffing Agency provides a certificate of Workers Comp Insurance for the two employees employed as contract drivers for the towing company.  The video above is of Dan Messina, owner of Park Right Solutions LLC and founding father of Southwest Tow Operators.  You can hear firsthand from Dan how easy it is to dupe property managers into believing they have nothing to worry about.  (it's not uncommon to discover the employees covered on the certificate are not currently employed)

Every parking facility would be wise to routinely verify the insurance certificates of their towing company with the Texas Department of Insurance and the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations to verify licenses of all of their tow truck operators are valid and unexpired.

If your towing company has provided false insurance documents, don't confront them about it, instead call the Dept of Insurance to let prosecute them and send your tow company a cancellation notice by fax to protect your property and residents.