Sunday, October 6, 2013

More Tow Hearings Filed Against Longhorn Wrecker Service & Capitol Tow

Vehicle owners are filing more tow hearings than ever before against Longhorn Wrecker Service of Dallas and Capitol Tow in Dallas County JP5 Juan Jasso' court.  Could this be the beginning of huge payouts by apartment complexes that allow towing companies to repeatedly violate the Texas Towing Law at the expense of their residents? 

Longhorn Wrecker can be expected to return to Court this month as 13 tow hearings were filed this past Friday because of illegally worded towing signs.  Capitol Tow will join Longhorn as well in Judge Jasso' courtroom as 8 tow hearings were also filed Friday afternoon.

Soon to follow will be Southwest Auto Tow for providing kickbacks to apartment complexes prohibited by State Law. 5 vehicle owners have contacted Texas Towing Compliance and all were directed to Judge Jasso's court and to file complaints with TDLR.

A towing company cannot legally offer special discounts to parking facility residents when the discount is offered in connection of the removal of unauthorized vehicles. Read the Attorney General Opinion reference this issue.

Another issue that has gotten the attention of Texas DMV are towing companies like Texas Impound Services, Black Bull, Longhorn, Excalibur, Capital Tow, Choice, Metro Parking Enforcement and Southwest Auto Tow, is unauthorized access to the motor vehicle records database. This along will get their attention, as unauthorized access is a felony offense. Violations of the Driver Protection Act carries a 2 to 20 year sentence in prison.  Based on sources within TxDMV, towing companies doing private property towing are using their vehicle storage facility database account to obtain vehicle registration information prior to the vehicle arriving at the storage facility, so they can send the notification letter for expired stickers at apartment complexes.  Last time I checked, the Post Office will not accept a Certified Letter without postage, therefore the towing companies listed above are providing a financial benefit to the parking facility, a violation of the Texas Towing Law.

Amazingly, all of these DFW area towing companies breaking the law are members of the Southwest Tow Operators, the same organization it's founder admitted to bribing police officers and property managers.

Keep filing complaints with TDLR if the name of the person who authorized the tow is not on the receipt you were given at the storage lot after paying for your vehicle.