Saturday, October 12, 2013

Filing Complaints with Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations

When motorists find their vehicle missing from where they parked it, they assume it was stolen, only to be informed it was towed away.

The key in a filing complaint against towing companies and vehicle storage facilities, is to file a separate complaint against the: tow truck operator, the towing company, the vehicle storage facility and the vehicle storage facility employee.

Each of these four have a separate license issued by Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations.

Just filing a complaint against the towing company allows the tow truck operator to continue his illegal activities without repercussion, which includes a fine and possible suspension of their license.

The employees working at the vehicle storage facility seldom have complaints filed against them and their employer, the vehicle storage facility just pays the fine.. Motorists are verbally abused regularly at the vehicle storage facility by the vehicle storage facility employee and unless you file a complaint against them, they continue to harass vehicle owners.

It's highly recommended that motorists always record every conversation with a tow truck operator and vehicle storage facility employee, so you can backup your complaint with an audio or video file for investigative purposes by the TDLR.