Saturday, October 19, 2013

Corruption in College Station is Unfolding and Some to be Surprised Who's Involved

The case in McCleary's court that Anthony Tribble brags about winning the tow hearing with no towing signs posted, the owners of The Backyard across from campus are being sued by everyone towed from their property by Tribble & Sons Wrecker service for failing to have a towing sign posted within their parking facility and failed to provide written notice stating the owners of the Backyard caused a legal sign to be installed.  These jury trials will take place in Bryan, Texas at 300 S Texas Avenue.

Since Anthony Tribble and his employees has been caught scamming motorists by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and fined $15,750 plus two years probation. This should serve as notice to the rest of the towing companies, you will be held accountable and your accounts will pay the civil penalty award for committing violations of the Occupations Code 2308.301. This past Thursday, October 17, 2013, TDLR placed an Enforcement Hold on the license for Tribble & Sons Wrecker Service.
To make matters worse for Tribble, his company, Tribble & Sons Wrecker Service has 18 additional cases filed with TDLR against his company for towing vehicles from private parking lots with illegal towing signs posted.  The Agreed Order that Anthony Tribble signed states his license will be revoked for a year if he committed additional violations of State Law and City Ordinances, to which he already has and continues to do so.  All 18 if these additional cases have retained attorneys to sue the parking facility for the statutory violation civil award because of these illegal towing signs that Tribble instead of the parking facility installed.

Just to illustrate Anthony Tribble's lack of trustworthiness, the towing sign shown in the photo below is posted on the adjacent property. According to the store manager, he gave nobody from the Backyard or Tribble & Sons Wrecker Service permission to install their signs on his property.

If you have been towed from the Backyard, send me an email, or call the 24 hour towing victims hotline at 512-680-3190.
In addition, the towing signs posted on the Texas A&M campus provided by A-1 Towing will not withstand a legal challenge, as they are illegal also.  Unless a vehicle towed from A&M property is authorized by law enforcement, everyone is entitled to a $1000.