Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tow & Statutory Hearings in Dallas County, Texas

With so many illegally worded towing signs posted at the wrong locations throughout Dallas County, everyone should challenge the towing of their vehicle without their consent.  It is highly recommended at all towing hearings regardless of where towed from within Dallas County, should file their request for the tow hearing in JP5 Judge Juan Jasso' court. (410 South Beckley Avenue, Dallas, TX)

Judge Jasso, unlike the other Dallas County JPs, doesn't base his decision on the size of the campaign donation, rather the facts of law.

It's VERY IMPORTANT to take a picture of the red and white towing sign at the parking lot you discovered your vehicle towed from. Get an up close picture of the sign text and where it is posted.  The towing signs must be no farther than 25' of the roadway or access, conspicuously and facing the driver when entering the parking lot.  The towing sign can be no lower than 5' to the ground or no higher than 8' high from the bottom of the sign.