Thursday, February 6, 2014

Low Income Residents Targeted by J&J Towing & Property Manager for Greed

Any and everyone that has been towed from the Country Club Creek Apartments located at 4501 East Riverside Drive, Austin, Texas within the last two years, is owed money! $1600 min

The property manager at this property has been recorded acknowledging that J&J Towing installed all the towing signs, the signs under the carports and places the orange warning stickers on vehicles with expired inspection or registration stickers at no cost.

Everyone towed is encouraged to contact our legal team in Austin at 512-236-1114 so you can be part of the crowd to be paid in excess of $1600, payable by the property management company.

It's not uncommon for a property manager to receive "kickbacks" from their towing company, not all towing companies give kickbacks, as they operate in accordance to State Law, something J&J is incapable of.

If you have been towed or charged a drop fee at this property and still have the receipts, please call 311 to file an offense report for a wrecker ordinance violation, then go online to TDLR to file a complaint against the tow company for providing something of value in connection with the removal of your vehicle.